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Professional Development at the Movies
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  • Collared for Accountants and Business Professionals


    This 2-hour CPE/CPD program for accountants and business professionals features the documentary film Collared. Learn from the story and revealing testimony of an ex-insider trader who is still struggling with the tragic consequences of what was the most prolonged insider trading scheme ever discovered by American and Canadian securities investigators. This engaging edutainment program will benefit professionals who want to understand how ethical decision-making impacts business and personal lives, and how the line between ethical and unethical decision making can be blurred, complex and confusing process over time.

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  • L’Inspecteur (Programme en français)


    Ce programme agréée par le Barreau de l’Ontario (1 heure de professionalisme qui remplit l’exigence visant à avancer l’égalité et l’inclusion dans les professions juridiques) porte sur les valeurs et les meilleures pratiques pour la diversité et l’inclusion des minorités de langue officielle au Canada. Vous visionnerez d’abord le court métrage documentaire L’Inspecteur à titre d’étude de cas tiré de la série Au nom de tous les canadiens de Hot Docs. Bien avant que les droits en matière d’éducation des minorités linguistiques ne soient établis, les difficultés d’enseigner le français dans les écoles publiques du Manitoba nous sont racontées à travers l’histoire des inspecteurs scolaires des années 1930 et 1940.

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  • Lessons Injustice


    This 1.5 hour PRO BONO edutainment program on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) features as a case study the Hot Docs original short documentary entitled “Lessons Injustice” followed by a discussion about anti-racism measures and cultural competency in the professional workplace featuring a cross-disciplinary panel of lawyers, medical and health care professionals, and business professionals. This engaging program has been developed for all professionals interested in better understanding the challenges faced by racialized individuals in Canada and improve their intercultural competencies to address issues of systemic racism in the professional workplace.

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  • The Inspector


    This accredited program (1 hour EDI professionalism by the Law Society of Ontario) focuses on the value and best practices for workplace diversity and inclusion in relation to language minority rights in Canada. The program features “L’Inspecteur”, a Hot Docs short film from the series “In the Name of all Canadians”. Well before minority language educational rights were in place, the difficulties in teaching French in Manitoba public schools are recalled through a story of school inspectors in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

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